I have created this blog to share my experiences with those alike. Not many kids nowadays are getting involved with nature, so my aim is to guide them along. I'm still a kid and feel that i wont grow up until i discover myself, and i'm nearly there. I have discovered the outside world of creepy crawlies, little critters, animals and birds and i want to share these with you.

My name is Sophie and i am 15 years old. I have loved nature since i was a tiny tot, messing around in the garden. Last christmas my parents got me a camera and i have never put it down since. Taking pictures of birds and animals down to insects and even bones. I have collected a series of things, including bones, feathers and rocks. I have gathered so much that my dad and i decided to build a treehouse to help me store most of my findings. Because i always pick anything up i see, i have received many nicknames like Magpie and Monkey, as i'm always climbing trees.


hey, merry christmas claire, kat, dona, della, sarah, daisy and everybody else :)

from sophie!!!



09/12/2012 15:07
whats your favourite bird? My favourite bird is called Long Tailed Tit (LTT) and i love them :) I like them because it's funny how improportionate their body is with their tail and when they swing upside down with their amazing agility, it makes them look like little acrobats walking along...

my favourite sightings this year :)

sightings in 2012

09/12/2012 16:48
this year i have seen many exciting things but my best sightings of 2012 have to be the following: january 6 baby bunnies in a nest on the beach february my first real close up sighting of a buzzard march an eider duck april a little wood mouse may 20 moles june 2 adult...